Interview with Sue Bailey Thurman on "Presenting Albert Schweitzer" with host Miriam Rogers, Side A


"Presenting Albert Schweitzer" was a radio program aired on WBUR Boston University Radio, hosted by Miriam Rogers. This episode was an interview with Sue Bailey Thurman. The introduction to the episode is provided by Norbert Ellerin.

In this interview, Sue Bailey Thurman presents the lives of Phyllis Wheatley and Amos Fortune, two black people who had arrived to America at Boston on slave ships. Thurman says that the stories of their lives should hearten all Americans, as they embody the dream of democracy and freedom in America. In addition to Wheatley and Fortune, Sue Bailey Thurman also explores the life of Harriet Tubman, and speaks to Gandhi's increasing influence on the freedom movements in both the American South and in Ghana.
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