On Mysticism, Part 16 (University of Redlands Course), 1973


This recording is the tenth lecture in our collection of ten that Howard Thurman gave at the University of Redlands in 1973 on the topic of mysticism. Thurman indicates that this lecture functions as a means to point the listener towards practical approaches to mysticism through lenses of psychology, philosophy, and religious experience. In this recording, Howard Thurman is asking the question, "What do I have?" He poses this question in relation to the mystical traditions that strive to empty themselves of the material world for the sake of transcendental relationship with God. Engaging this question, Thurman struggles with the tension between humanity's innate entanglement with "the real" of the world, and the ways in which one truly experiences the love of God by emptying oneself from all "occupations and distractions of the mind."

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