Disciplines of the Spirit, Part 3: Personal Stability, 1960 October 9


In this third installment of Disciplines of the Spirit, Thurman is lecturing about personal stability. In this lecture, personal stability is defined as the experience through which an individual passes when he thinks he has that which is of most importance to him. An additional definition of personal stability used in this lecture is private morale, which is the belief in one’s cause, whatever it may be. At times personal stability rests on the instability of others which has and continues to have far-reaching consequences that are typically problematic. At times personal stability rests upon our self-confidence which can ultimately fail us if our area of self-confidence is challenged. Thus, we must find that which is big enough to absolve us from the limited narrow basis for our stability. We must find that which is big enough to hold against all the tensions of our lives, age, and generation.

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