Long Live Life! (1963-12-27); My Life Is Not My Own (1961-10-20)


This recording has two parts. In "Long Live Life!" Thurman reflects on the passing of a year and reminds his audience to carefully consider their past experiences as moments in "which you learned something, those experiences that taught you something fresh and new about yourself, those experiences without which you would not be as sensitive as you are now to values, those experiences that made you aware of yourself, your purposes, your world." He concludes by focusing on the importance of walking straight ahead into the future, not letting the past shape us against it.

In "My Life is Not My Own," Thurman reads from Inward Journey and discusses the idea that we are uniquely our own selves but also that our lives are not our own. We often find strength and confidence in our singleness within. However, our thoughts and actions are part of the heritage of humankind, and our lives are not for us alone. "Every person's life is involved profoundly and intimately in the life of all the other people in all the other ages who have ever lived." Yet in our inner solitude, we encounter God and make the great decisions in life.

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